The Miami Marine Stadium Mural Project

This weekend Miami Marine Stadium Mural Project has a painting session with Crash, The London Police, Ron English, Tristan Eaton and Logan Hicks.

The goal of the Miami Marine Stadium Mural Project  project is to raise funds for the restoration of the Miami Marine Stadium, creating a park-like space for visitors and locals to enjoy, without the agenda of a corporate sponsor.

Located on the Virginia Key in Miami, Florida, it was the first stadium built specifically for powerboat racing in the United States. The 6,566 seat stadium was built in 1963 with passive design principles, using strategic shade that cooled 100% of the seats naturally by shade, on land donated by the Matheson family. It was designed by Hilario Candela, then a 28-year-old recent immigrant from Cuba.

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew struck the Miami-Dade County area. Engineers for the City condemned the structure. Since that time the Stadium has been allowed to sit with no attempt at maintenance. Graffiti artists have been drawn to the stadium and its architecture. Architect Candela has embraced the fact that artists have found a new use for the stadium he designed and has welcomed the art that covered it's walls. 

On February 20, 2008, Friends of Miami Marine Stadium was formed, a group supporting the restoration of the stadium. Since then, much progress has been made, including the designation of the stadium and basin as a historic place by Miami’s Historic Preservation and Environmental Board in 2008. It has also been recognized as an architectural masterpiece by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and World Monuments Fund.

Estimated cost to renovate the stadium is $30 million dollars.

One of the many approaches for raising funds is to include artists who have used this stadium as their canvas over the years. While the city forgot about the stadium, artists continued to embrace it, illegally painting while the city left it to decay. Artists who occupied this stadium are an integral part to the history of the stadium, so before the restoration process begins  they will open their doors to selected artists to paint. Artists have been chosen on a local, national and international basis.

Doze and Risk

Doze and Risk

Doze Painting

Doze Painting

Urban Nation's Project M/5, Berlin

BERLIN --- Last month we showed you some pics from behind the scenes of Berlin's Urban Nation and forgot to show you the completed murals by Above, David Walker, Klone Yourself and Don John plus indoor walls/pieces by Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk, James Bullough, 45rpm, Yohnagao, Eli Troinin and Bosoletti. Better late than never. Photos: Henrik Haven

Shepard Fairey's Urban Nation Mural - Berlin

Shepard Fairey working on his new mural in Berlin, which he painted during the weekend for Urban Nation's "One Wall" Project. Photos: Henrik Haven

"Urban Nation has entered the 6th edition of its ongoing Project "One Wall" to which they invited Shepard Fairey to Berlin - this is part of the UN trying to bring together artists , curators, creatives and communities from all over the world to support creative projects worldwide."

WEAArt in Denmark

DENMARK --- Henrik Haven traveled to Aalborg last week and got some pics from the process as artists AryzAlexis DiazEscifLiqenInteresni KazkiJazFintan MageeKenor and Don John worked on their murals for WEAArt

WEAArt is the first festival in Denmark to focus entirely on murals. WEAArt is a project intending to create and add new ways of expressions, as an inspiration and innovation for rethinking our view of public space in our city. 

Nuart Festival

A selection of work-in-progress shots from this year's Nuart Festival in Norway. -- Tomorrow we'll bring you shots of all the completed murals in the streets of Stavanger and the completed installations indoor at TOU Scene. -Henrik Haven

Holbæk Art, Denmark

Holbæk Art - an public art event in Denmark which is curated by John Kørner and features new public walls and murals by some of the leading danish contemporary artists HuskMitNavn, Superflex, Kasper Bonnén, Alexander Tovborg, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Jakob Boeskov, Kirstine Roepstorff, Malene Landgreen, Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Torben Ribe, Per Mølgaard, Erik Hagens and John Kørner.

The plan is that Holbæk Art every two years will invite a new curator which will select danish and international contemporary artists to create public works in Holbæk (Denmark) and the goal is to have around 100 public works in about 10 years.

Words & Photos: Henrik Haven

Urban Nation's Project M/5, Berlin

BERLIN --- Fecal Face contributor Henrik Haven recently got some behind the scenes access to Urban Nation's Project M/5 - 4 times a year Urban Nation invites a group of internationally acclaimed artists to creatively transform the facade and windows of a prominent building in Berlin while it is undergoing change. The art created acts as a creative cocoon, a city canvas, accompanying the modifications happening inside and outside the building.

PM/5 is curated by Roland Henry and VNA Magazine and features a massive mural (and walls) by Eine and window installations by Sickboy, Nick Walker (who also painted a wall outside), Xenz (who also painted a piece inside the UN HQ), Will Barras (who also painted a piece inside the UN HQ), Mark Lyken, Pam Glew, Steff Plaetz, O TWO (who also painted a piece inside and outside of the UN HQ), SheOne and Ben Frost. 

Apart from that Urban Nation organized new outdoor walls by Above, David Walker, Klone Yourself and Don John plus indoor walls/pieces by Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk, James Bullough, 45rpm, Yohnagao, Eli Troinin and Bosoletti.