11/7 - Jay Howell at FFDG

We're so excited to welcome back our buddy Jay Howell for his next solo show at FFDG opening on Friday, Nov 7th.

Jay Howell is a creator of the great cartoon Sanjay and Craig and created the characters for Bob's Burgers. He's been producing great drawings and zines for over a decade having spent a good many years living and working in San Francisco before making the move to LA to work on Sanjay and Craig. We've been fans and supporters of his work way back when Fecal Face was just getting rolling back in 2000.

Preview inquires: info(at)ffdg.net - RSVP

New Works by Alex Ziv

San Francisco based (congrats on the new studio) Alex Ziv has been working away since graduating from SFAI w/ his masters in painting. Check his great show from this summer at The League Gallery in Berkeley (PHOTOS) and a little taste of new works below.

"Nice Pups" by Eric Yahnker

Anything Eric Yahnker does we're on board (check his last solo show at London's Paradise Row).

His current show “Walk-Ins Welcome” at Marlborough (Broome St.), NYC opened last Friday featuring: Nina Beier, A.K. Burns and Katherine Hubbard, Barb Choit, Juan Downey, Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Donald Judd, Leigh Ledare, Tony Matelli, John Miller and Takuji Kogo, Matthew Palladino, David Scanavino, Josh Tonsfeldt, Devin Troy Strother, Jonas Wood, and Eric Yahnker.

More info/press release here.

"Nice Pups" by Eric Yahnker

"Nice Pups" by Eric Yahnker

Karen Hsiao and Dan Quintana @Marcas Contemporary Art

On a recent trip to Los Angeles I had the pleasure of heading to Santa Ana and stopping by the opening of Karen Hsiao and Dan Quintana's collaborative show entitled "Perverse Foil". The opening, which was Saturday August 2nd, even included an in person photo session with Hsiao and model Stephanie Inagaki, who has appeared in her work repeatedly over the years.

The work is a collaborative and explorative effort into merging their worlds where Hsiao, a professional photographer, exhibits original paintings and drawings with Quintana, who has created works based on her photographs.  They claim that their collaboration was a "happy accident" due to being long time fans of one another's work, with roots in that conversation going back to 2009.  Eery, ethereal, surreal, steeped in romanticism, sensual, powerful yet subtle, erotic, and masterfully executed, I am glad I happened to be in town to have attended. I look forward to seeing what's next, collaboratively and individually. The show runs through August 31st.

Photos and Text by John Felix Arnold III

Marcas Contemporary Art

305 E. 4th St. #103

Santa Ana, CA 92701