Jay Howell Opening at FFDG

Thanks to all who came out to Jay Howell's wonderful opening at FFDG a couple weeks back. Here are a few snaps from the evening.

"I should have gotten more balloons", Jay Howell.

One Sec to Adjust My Hat...

Please excuse the lack of posts over here at dear old Fecal Face as we make our way through some big changes in our lives- raising our 5 month old Samuel, getting settled in our new home, working on a new site for an artist friend of ours, and I'm about to start a new job on Dec 1st (details on that soon).

Posts shall be flowing forth soon... Actually about to add a couple right now.

Aryz for Vilnius Street Art Festival

From the Vilnius Street Art Festival --- First time in Vilnius, Aryz has created a mural from the scratch, without any preparatory sketch. Initially the owners of the building, a public medical centre, expressed their wishes not to have any skeletons, skulls or cigarettes in the mural, since it might be offensive to their aging clientele. However, in the end Aryz signature skeletons appeared and the mural is now a hit with elderly ladies passing by to the medical centre.

Aryz has incorporated Lithuanian words “Kaip Ne Žmogus”, meaning, “not like human” into his mural. The phrase was written by the local graffiti artist on the wall before it was buffed by the council few years ago. Beautiful reference completing the concept of the mural as well as earning him a wide respect in Vilnius graffiti scene.  Photos: Henrik Haven


Indoor Installations at Nuart

Pretty late in getting these great installation images up from Nuart's indoor works. But as is the case, better late than never. Thanks for the photos, Henrik.

Nuart is an annual international street art festival established in 2001 with a focus exclusively on Street Art since 2005. The Festival is based in Stavanger on the West Coast of Norway. In addition to a multitude of both sanctioned and unsanctioned public art works, Nuart also stages one of the most anticipated exhibitions of the year. Browse our galleries or download the free App to see our works.

11/7 - Jay Howell at FFDG

We're so excited to welcome back our buddy Jay Howell for his next solo show at FFDG opening on Friday, Nov 7th.

Jay Howell is a creator of the great cartoon Sanjay and Craig and created the characters for Bob's Burgers. He's been producing great drawings and zines for over a decade having spent a good many years living and working in San Francisco before making the move to LA to work on Sanjay and Craig. We've been fans and supporters of his work way back when Fecal Face was just getting rolling back in 2000.

Preview inquires: info(at)ffdg.net - RSVP

Dave Kinsey at Library Street Collective

Dave Kinsey's solo show Cushion of Memory runs through Nov 8th at Detroit's Library Street Collective. Love the new paintings, Dave!

Speaking of Dave Kinsey, be sure to check Tommy Guerrero's newest album No Mans Land with album art by Dave Kinsey from his last solo show @FFDG.

Photos: Jerry Buttles and Ania Eaton