WEAArt in Denmark

DENMARK --- Henrik Haven traveled to Aalborg last week and got some pics from the process as artists AryzAlexis DiazEscifLiqenInteresni KazkiJazFintan MageeKenor and Don John worked on their murals for WEAArt

WEAArt is the first festival in Denmark to focus entirely on murals. WEAArt is a project intending to create and add new ways of expressions, as an inspiration and innovation for rethinking our view of public space in our city. 

Nuart Festival

A selection of work-in-progress shots from this year's Nuart Festival in Norway. -- Tomorrow we'll bring you shots of all the completed murals in the streets of Stavanger and the completed installations indoor at TOU Scene. -Henrik Haven


After years of mental deliberation, I have finally realized that the only way humanity can be saved is through, you guessed it... technology! Get on board, or get Left Behind! For when our souls are raptured into the heavens with the circuitry of computers, and we stand before the giant digitals of God, you'll be glad I told you about this. I mean, we all know that the only way to, for example, end technocratic fascism, is to go along with it, right? Right! To the end! So may the God of this technologically advanced infrastructure that we have created from the backs of slaves be with us, and continue to bless us abundantly with the riches we so deserve. We earned it! -Jeremiah

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Simon Davidson ~ Photography

GREAT photos are made from the inside. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, you need to be right in there, not just among the crowds but part of the scene. From the smoke and seeming chaos of burnout competitions to the strictly regulated world of the speed trials held on the vast expanses of shimmering salt in Bonneville, USA, and Lake Gairdner in South Australia, Simon Davidson is part of the scene.

Yet his familiarity with the scene never lets him miss its beauty. Looking through the eyes of an artist at the world he lives in, Simon translates the chaos of the burnout pad and the tension of the salt into beautiful moments. Partly by force of his infectious enthusiasm, the wider world is starting to discover these particular niches of automotive art. From his highly successful 2012 Salt And Smoke exhibition in Bondi, Simon attracted international interest and his work has been featured online and in print for many publications across the globe including Nowness,It’s Nice That and Man of the World.

Simon was born in New Zealand and still cheers passionately for the All Blacks but calls Sydney, Australia home with his wife and daughter. When not shooting assignments or the fast, loud and greasy world of muscle car subculture, Simon can be found floating in the ocean searching for the perfect wave.


Poesia @The Shooting Gallery

After leaving the springtime feeling that White Walls exudes this month, you will enter two new shows at the Shooting Gallery. The first, Reflexive, by local artist Poesia carries the vigor of spring into large-scale, colorful, and spiritual canvases. Combining his penchant for street art with his knowledge of art history, these paintings feel like history unfolding in the present, as immediate access points to an old visual archive.

The project space this month is dedicated to the work of Georgi Tchkhaidze, bringing work from his participation with the gallery in early 2012 back to the light of day. Because the Shooting Gallery has more space than just about anyone else in SF, it’s great to see them re-exposing the work of past artists, who many viewers were not able to see at the original opening.  I hope they continue to do so for those of us who may have missed the first show. Go check it out – this may be your last chance.

Words & Photos: Rachel Ralph - rachel(at)fecalface.com

Paintings by Poesia

Paintings by Poesia

Georgi Tchkhaidze, Dunkel, Acrylic and mixed media on paper, 52”x72”

Georgi Tchkhaidze, Dunkel, Acrylic and mixed media on paper, 52”x72”

Holbæk Art, Denmark

Holbæk Art - an public art event in Denmark which is curated by John Kørner and features new public walls and murals by some of the leading danish contemporary artists HuskMitNavn, Superflex, Kasper Bonnén, Alexander Tovborg, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Jakob Boeskov, Kirstine Roepstorff, Malene Landgreen, Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Torben Ribe, Per Mølgaard, Erik Hagens and John Kørner.

The plan is that Holbæk Art every two years will invite a new curator which will select danish and international contemporary artists to create public works in Holbæk (Denmark) and the goal is to have around 100 public works in about 10 years.

Words & Photos: Henrik Haven

Urban Nation's Project M/5, Berlin

BERLIN --- Fecal Face contributor Henrik Haven recently got some behind the scenes access to Urban Nation's Project M/5 - 4 times a year Urban Nation invites a group of internationally acclaimed artists to creatively transform the facade and windows of a prominent building in Berlin while it is undergoing change. The art created acts as a creative cocoon, a city canvas, accompanying the modifications happening inside and outside the building.

PM/5 is curated by Roland Henry and VNA Magazine and features a massive mural (and walls) by Eine and window installations by Sickboy, Nick Walker (who also painted a wall outside), Xenz (who also painted a piece inside the UN HQ), Will Barras (who also painted a piece inside the UN HQ), Mark Lyken, Pam Glew, Steff Plaetz, O TWO (who also painted a piece inside and outside of the UN HQ), SheOne and Ben Frost. 

Apart from that Urban Nation organized new outdoor walls by Above, David Walker, Klone Yourself and Don John plus indoor walls/pieces by Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk, James Bullough, 45rpm, Yohnagao, Eli Troinin and Bosoletti.